One of the top challenges that parents of this generation face is how to effectively cultivate cooperation within their children, that doesn’t involve coercion and/or bribes, especially if the children are behaving in wild, boisterous, or uncontrollable ways.

Tangee Veloso, founder of Family Love Village, and a parent of such a wild child herself, introduces an innovative parenting approach that does not involve forcing a child to behave, but instead addresses the child’s dis-connection and unmet needs, which can be the catalyst of wild behavior.

In her groundbreaking book, Taming Your Wild Child, Tangee presents the brilliant concept that it is the wild child in YOU that you need to tame. By using the 7 Proven Principles, which allow you to become more compassionate toward your children and help create connection and a loving PARTNERSHIP with them…rather than a relationship of power over…they will also reflect the same confidence and compassion toward themselves and others. Experience the organic transformation of their behavior, as well as your own, in the process.

In this book, you will discover:

• What it means to be a conscious parent in your own home
• How to become aware of your choices
• The 7 principles that can build a deeper connection with your child
• How to set loving boundaries without losing your cool
• Techniques that honor self-care and self-love
• Being more present with your parenting choices
• Why it is so important to find your own village to cultivate connection amongst other parents and caregivers on this same parenting journey


“Amazing resource for another way to be when the challenges and frustrations of parenting arise. I’m committed to raising strong-willed and independent individuals but, man, when that independence comes right back at you, it can make you regret your commitment. This book gives you tools to overcome the overwhelm of parenting and find another way. I highly recommend this book if you’re frustrated, yelling, nagging and find you are having more and more difficult moments and not being the parent you know you can be for your extraordinary child.” – Natascha Corrigan

“As I’ve read several books about raising children, I found Tangee Veloso’s book “Taming Your Wild Child” to be one of the most honest, clear and concise books on the topic of conscious parenting. I appreciate how Tangee guides her readers to reflect on the inner child within as we become parents and clear unresolved issues. When we love ourselves, we can love our children even more with the love and respect they deserve. I highly recommend this book for not only parents, but grandparents as well so we can all be a positive influence for our children and grandchildren, leaving a legacy of love!” – Nancy Ferrari

“This is a great book that helps challenge some ingrained beliefs/ views our society has about parenting and connecting with our children. There is good information about communicating, and validating children in a loving way; as well as suggestions on how explore you own history and reflecting on how it affects you as a parent. I was blessed to meet the author and attend a work shop. It was a heartfelt and authentic experience. Tangee is awesome.” – Unknown

“To tame or not to tame? Tangee makes it easy and gives you the tools to be connected to your child and have your child be connected! Priceless info in this book. Thank you Tangee!” – Art



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