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Tangee Veloso-Pueblos is the founder of Family Love Village (FLV),  the world’s leading conscious community, website and iMagazine called the “FLVillage Crier” for families passionate about parenting through connection and eco-holistic living.   She is also the author of a conscious parenting book called “Taming Your Wild Child: 7 Proven Principles to a Deeper Connection that Fosters Confidence and Compassion While Transforming Behavior, Too!”

The first few months after her son was born, she could no longer bare hearing how disrespectful parents talked towards their children and felt there just had to be another way to communicate with our loved ones. She soon started researching for resources and was lead to a book called “Connection Parenting – Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear” by Pam Leo.  She reached out to her family and friends who had children and created her own intensive weekly workshop around this book which was the beginning of FLV’s journey.  Thus, leading to monthly potluck gatherings called “FLV Presents” with guest speakers, as well as various programs to enrich the entire family and the planet, as a whole.

Grateful for her own mentors in the non-violent communication and parenting through connection communities, she became inspired to share a medley of knowledge in her book that continues to strengthen the bond with her son.  And although she is not an “expert with a degree,” she is a continuum expert within her own home and within the FLV community, all the while remaining passionate about learning, sharing and constantly nurturing this conscious parenting movement.

She is committed in continuously creating a supportive forum and movement through Family Love Village’s vision, as well as through her book, “Taming Your Wild Child” where families can be educated on parenting through connection from the many legendary trailblazers before her, as well as through her own experience.

Tangee is a writer, an eco-mamapreneur, a performer, and a dedicated mama to her 6 year old son.

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