Alternatives to Time-Outs, Bribes and “Good Jobs” That Are More Effective

Are you struggling with getting your children to listen and behave? Do you feel frustrated most of the time and feel the only way to get through to your child is through bribes, rewards, and/or timeouts?  

Do you feel that these techniques are not as effective or perhaps instinctively you feel there could be a better way to get your children on the same page as you but just don’t know how?

One of the top challenges that parents of this generation face is how to effectively cultivate cooperation within their children, that doesn’t involve coercion and/or bribes, especially if the children are behaving in wild, boisterous, or uncontrollable ways.

And what about the last topic of the title of this free webinar?! I know what you’re thinking! How can “Good Jobs” be a bad thing? Bear with me on this one.

You know the term, “think outside the box”? Well, this is one of those moments where I would like to invite you to really do just that as I share with you a different perspective with what happens when parents say “Good Job” to their children all the time.


With that said, there are alternatives to timeouts, bribes and praise that really do work and are more effective in having your child more easily cooperate, all the while creating a deeper bond with them.

In this free webinar, we will dispel the myths of traditional parenting techniques and discuss tools and a philosophy that can enrich the family dynamic – where mutual respect and genuine communication can actually occur within your home!

Who is this webinar for?

  • Parents and/or caregivers who are struggling with their children’s behavior
  • Parents and/or caregivers who are looking for ways to build children’s self-esteem and confidence
  • Parents and/or caregivers who want a deeper connection with their children

What you will get out of it:

  • Tools to help you move beyond timeouts, bribes, and praise that really work
  • Worksheets to help guide you through these alternative tools
  • A more calm, connected and confident child
  • A more calm, connected and confident YOU

Implementing the strategies in this free webinar will immediately turn the chaos and frustration in your home into a calmer, connected environment where confidence, compassion, and cooperation are values experienced for everyone. 

So don’t delay another day!

SIGN UP NOW for your FREE webinar!

When does this all happen?

November 28, 2017
at 6:30pm PST

Once you sign up, you will receive access instructions on what to do next.

Let the benefits of applying these tools to allow you to become more compassionate toward your children and help create connection and a loving PARTNERSHIP with them…rather than a relationship of power over.

In doing so, you will soon discover your children will also reflect the same confidence and compassion toward themselves and others, too.


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