One of the top challenges that parents of this generation face is how to effectively cultivate cooperation within their children, that doesn’t involve coercion and/or bribes, especially if the children are behaving in wild, boisterous, or uncontrollable ways.

Tangee Veloso, founder of Family Love Village, and a parent of such a wild child herself, introduces an innovative parenting approach that does not involve forcing a child to behave, but instead addresses the child’s dis-connection and unmet needs, which can be the catalyst of wild behavior…[READ MORE]







“Ever have a gut feeling that there has to be a better way to connect with your child but don’t have the resources or support to do so?”

Is your mind feeling malnourished and running out of ideas to create connection within the home?  Do you find yourself becoming a circus act as you juggle work, try to maintain a clean household, feed hungry tummies, struggle to find peace within the home AND find time for yourself without lashing out at your loved ones?   Do you sometimes feel alone and discouraged in your day-to-day parenting, as if isolated from community and even other family members that don’t understand your parenting philosophy?

If so, then this 7-week course is for YOU! This course was designed with you in mind! This is for parents who are struggling to keep the peace within the home; who are wanting to stay connected and find effective ways to communicate and create a deeper connection that empowers mutual respect and authentic communication.  This course is for those that are READY for the tools and support that can help families have a breakthrough with learning a new philosophy; a philosophy that fosters empathy and connection all the while finding ways for everyone in the household to get their needs met. Early bird rates available NOW!  [READ MORE]

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