7 Proven Principles for Raising

Connected and Confident Children


“Ever have a gut feeling that there has to be a better way to connect with your child but don’t have the resources or support to do so?”

Is your mind feeling malnourished and running out of ideas to create connection within the home?

Do you find yourself becoming a circus act as you juggle work, try to maintain a clean household, feed hungry tummies, struggle to find peace within the home AND find time for yourself without lashing out at your loved ones?

Do you sometimes feel alone and discouraged in your day-to-day parenting, as if isolated from community and even other family members that don’t understand your parenting philosophy?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, then this 7-week course is for YOU!

This course was designed with you in mind! This is for parents who are struggling to keep the peace within the home; who are wanting to stay connected and find effective ways to communicate and create a deeper connection that empowers mutual respect and authentic communication. 

This course is for those that are READY for the tools and support that can help families have a breakthrough with learning a new philosophy; a philosophy that fosters empathy and connection all the while finding ways for everyone in the household to get their needs met.

One of the top challenges that parents of this generation face is how to effectively cultivate cooperation within their children, that doesn’t involve coercion and/or bribes, especially if the children are behaving in wild, boisterous, or uncontrollable ways.

Tangee Veloso, Founder of Family Love Village

“You’re the expert, when it comes to your child!  And when you trust yourself and practice listening to your inner voice, you instantly notice your child relaxing inside of that confidence.”

My conscious parenting journey began when I read a book called “Connection Parenting – Parenting Through Connection Instead of Coercion, Through Love Instead of Fear” by Pam Leo.  We created an intensive weekly book club that soon after birthed the Family Love Village vision for creating a compassionately guided approach to communicating with our children, along with eco-holistic living.

Over the last eight years, 100+ families have gathered for live workshops with our monthly “FLV Presents” potluck gatherings with speakers & expert panelists along with our EAKK! (EcoArt Kidz Kollectiv!) program that we bring to festivals.  

We’ve shared a plethora of conscious philosophies from books, dvd’s, websites, articles, and our own experiences that have inspired us on this path with conscious parenting.  More importantly we’ve shared a safe and sacred container for families to parent in a way that feels healthy and right for them.

Grateful for my own mentors throughout the years within the conscious parenting communities, I have been inspired to share a medley of knowledge that continues to strengthen the bond with my son.

I would love for more families, such as yourselves the opportunity to receive education and support that can deepen your connection with your loved ones.  I would love nothing more than to give you support and a tool kit to experience mastery around what you already do so beautifully.  And even more than just a tool kit, a philosophy with creating a deeper connection to your child, your family and yourselves.

As a parent to a “wild child” myself, I’d like to introduce an innovative parenting approach that does not involve forcing a child to behave, but instead addresses the child’s dis-connection and unmet needs, which can be the catalyst of wild behavior.

In this 7-week course, we will be taming the wild child within YOU with the negative self-talk and recycled parenting patterns that no longer serve you or your family dynamic.  






In this 7-week journey, we will:

  • Explore the 7 Proven Principles and what it can look like to create this for you and your family
  • Discover conscious parenting tools that build connection with your child
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries and offer love to your child at the same time
  • Find ways to partner with other family members, in-laws and caregivers so that they respect your parenting choices
  • Weave in techniques that honor self-care and self-love in order to be more present to your needs and your children’s needs
  • Create a community structure that can deepen your connection with other parents on this journey

What this course includes:

  • Weekly live virtual group calls
  • Tools and resources based on the 7 Principles
  • Weekly downloadable worksheets with practical, interactive exercises
  • Free Private Facebook Taming Your Wild Child Community for instant support on your parenting journey
  • Personal FB Q&A support from me through the 7 weeks
  • BONUS: includes free ebook! To get the printed version, sign up for the Early Bird pricing! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

This seven week course costs $497 and as mentioned above, includes downloadable worksheets with exercises and a free copy of my eBook . But if you sign up now for the early bird pricing, it will only be $397 plus a printed copy of my book that I will ship to you!  Early Bird Tickets end on Friday, January 12, 2018.

When does this all happen?

Tuesday January 16, 2018 – Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 6:00pm PST. 

What can I expect to get out of this course?

  • You can expect to bring awareness to what your visions and goals are for your family and how it can be accomplished in simple, practical ways that will have life-long effects for your children and yourself.
  • You can expect a more profound understanding and compilation of tools that can help create connection within your household.  It’s one thing to read an inspiring book or article but it’s a completely different experience when you actually put the principles in action in a nurturing and compassionate environment.
  • You will receive encouragement and support from myself and others to create a deeper connection within the community.
  • You can look forward to more conscious, centered and connected moments in your home.

What will I need to participate?

You will need internet access to join the private Facebook group and a binder or journal to record your reflections in.

Can anyone participate?

Yes!  I encourage parents, grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, teachers, caregivers and anyone wanting to learn ways with creating connection.

This course is limited to 30 participants to ensure you get the most out of the material and sharing.

How much do I have to share with others?

You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. You can leave comments in the private facebook forum. The forum is open to encourage deeper conversation and support but if you choose to silently participate then that’s okay too.

Do I have to be somewhere at a specific time?

Yes. To attend the live webinars, it is best to join the zoom conference no later than 5:55pm PST. But if you absolutely cannot make it, do not fret as the call will be recorded.  But to get the most out of the call and connecting with other parents, I suggest joining the live webinars.

Let the benefits of applying the 7 Proven Principles allow you to become more compassionate toward your children and help create connection and a loving PARTNERSHIP with them…rather than a relationship of power over.

In doing so, you will soon discover your children will also reflect the same confidence and compassion toward themselves and others, too.



Let the journey begin!



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